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Size of images below do not represent size of paintings as they relate to each other.  Small images may be large paintings, large images may be small paintings!

Twists N Turns 8x10 Oil
Hidden Cove 8x10 Oil
Falls jasper 16x20 Acrylic
Lovely Lake Enid 14x11 Oil
Marvelous 30x24 Oil
Welsh Lakes 8x6 Oil
Wilmer Wetlands 14x11 Oil
Walk with Me 10x8 acrylic
Remembering 20x16 Acrylic
Horsethief Hills 11x14 Oil
Forest Friends 18x24 acrylic
Nature On Fire 16x20 acrylic
Walk On The Wild Side 16x12 Acrylic
Enid Trail 12x9 Oil
Okanagan Outback 12x9 Acrylic
On The Trail To Jumbo 12x16 acrylic
Lussier 9x12 Oil
Rustling Ripples 11x15pastel
Dancing iIn The Light 9x12 Oil
Forest & Flowers 8x12 Acrylic
Guardians of Toby Canyon 24x36 oil
Come Into My Garden II 11x14 acrylic
The Fern 12x9 Acrylic
I Love This 8x10 acrylic
Houlgrave Rd Greens 11x14 oil
Columbia River 14x11 acrylic
Fire In The Sky 12x16 oil
Clipper Clouds 16x12 oil
Market On Main 12x9 oil
Mexico Memories 9x12 oil
Cool Cascade 16x12 Oil
Welsh Creek Aglow 24x30 oil
Wilmer Tree 10x8 acrylic
My Place 9x12 acrylic
Afternoon Glory 20x16 acrylic
Jumbo Pass Splendor 20x16 acrylic
Down From Silent Pass 9x12 Acrylic
Selkirks 8x10 Acrylic
Luscious Leaves 18x18 Acrylic
Enchanted Falls 16x12 Acrylic
Wandering Waters 12x9 acrylic
Mt Nelson-First Snow 24x30 oil
Aurora 22x28 acrylic
Desert Glow 16x12 oil
Lonesome Larch 22x28 oil
Chisel Peak 12x9 oil
Friendly Streets 12x9 oil
Backyard Blues 14x11 oil
Gone But Not Forgotten 20x16oil
Enchanted Forest 8x10 MixMedia
Morning Stroll 10x8acrylic
Marvel Pass 12x9 oil
Majestic Mt Nelson 16x12 oil
Lonely Days 11x14 acrylic
Lillian Lake in Red 10x8 oil
Rustling Leaves 12x16 acrylic
Rambling Roots 12x16 oil
Pynelogs Heritage Garden 12x12acryli
Purple Blossoms 8x10acrylic
Premier Pine 15x30 acrylic
Paddle Paradise 12x9 oil
Mountain Magic 13x13 acrylic
Walk in the Park 12x9 oil
Tell Me A Story 12x16 oil
Springs River Bend 8x10 oil
Silent Pass 16x12 acrylic
Sandy Oasis 16x12 oil